The Ever Present Greed of Pharmaceuticals

Amid political strife, immigration articles, and the ever present “Trump” front page headlines, a few newspapers had a small piece about a rising lawsuit case revolving around insulin. Insulin is the life-saving hormone that allows Type-1 diabetics to live more than a year or two. Type-1 diabetes is not something that can be controlled. It … More The Ever Present Greed of Pharmaceuticals

What is Imagine Dragons Trying to Pull?

It has been an active week for music and Imagine Dragons chucked some stuffed mushrooms on the dinner table, but are tight lipped about what they used to stuff this delicacy with. The effort behind exposing this song to the public in an abstract and repetitive way is astounding. First, Imagine Dragons released an official video for … More What is Imagine Dragons Trying to Pull?

The Lumineer’s Scar

The Lumineers have dropped a bombshell within the music video world. Their video series started out harmlessly enough with vague story lines revolving around decisions, yet resulting in your heart being torn with emotion at the end. These music videos are not random stories, they are all about Cleopatra. Side Note: Ophelia is more about the … More The Lumineer’s Scar