Twitter: Facebook’s weird cousin who likes to talk about himself

(Or herself, depending on who is using the social media)

Twitter has always been a confusing chaotic form of social media to me. It was not until I narrowed the groups I followed to a select few did I gain slight control of my feed. I utilize Facebook to get news on bands and new music. Twitter informs me on my favorite band’s activities (The Gaslight Anthem) and any news relative to DC Comics. I know this is a slightly unorthodox setup, but Facebook depresses me enough, so most politics are cut out of my feed, with the exception of AP News. I noticed many news corporations would simply repackage or retweet AP’s articles, so I simply followed them and dropped other news sources.

One nice tool Twitter has is the trending toolbar. Tuesday, April, 18 the trending topic seems to be revolving around Theresa May’s call for a sudden general election in the UK. When looking at the feed there seem to be few credible sources. News sources are trustworthy, and certain quotes could be easily verified through a quick search. Video clips are extremely useful, but one would have to be wary of any editing that could occur.


Creating posts that share some of my articles: For this aspect of the assignment, I’m going to utilize past posts created for certain articles. These are gauged towards friends and family, not followers. I did fail to associate an image with these posts. Generally, the image helps, but I found that shares are the most helpful aspects of social media.

While I gained some traction on Facebook, posting this blog to YouTube gave the video consistent views for a few months.

FB 1


Take note of the number of shares on this post. This post hit almost 900 views in the first 8 hours. The benefit of this post was its timely aspect.

FB 2FB 3



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