Looking Through the Eyes of a Construction Worker

Context for taking the photos: This photo journal depicts a short day on a construction job. Because of the snow last week my crew was only on one job that was a normal pole building. The other two days were re-roofing jobs so the images were not as visually appealing. This story only depicts a small part of this construction process.

Context for editing the photos: As for the photo editing, I felt this story deserved an aged appearance. The brownish tint complements the construction aspect and at some points amplifies the original flat pictures. While cropping and using iPhoto, I found the tool that fixes blemishes. Since I was wearing gloves and taking pictures, my gloves occasionally appeared in the corner of the photo. In the image captioned: “With everything leveled and prepared, the first truss is brought in to be attached.” There was a large blur of a finger in the top left, which I managed to easily remove with the blemish tool.

Looking Through the Eyes of a Construction Worker

Clocking in at 4 a.m. a few days after shoveling out from Winter Storm Stella, the construction crew prepares to work on the 96-by-50 foot pole building that the south shop crew had started the previous day. While placing headers, setting trusses are on the agenda for the day, training new employees is always a factor in this company. If there were eight highly skilled workers on this site for 12 hours, they would be able to complete the building in one day. New employees are not the only factor in how quickly the building is put up, winter hours are shorter because of the amount of daylight available.

Only one crew will return on Monday to place the sheet metal on the sides and roof of the building.


One thought on “Looking Through the Eyes of a Construction Worker

  1. Great essay! A couple of the cutlines are cut off here — don’t know if there’s a way to adjust that in WordPress. My main suggestions would be to provide more context — who is the crew (what company), where is the job site, what will this building ultimately become? What is the timeline for the project? You can weave more of that into your cutlines or the paragraph introducing the project.


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