What aspects make a photograph successful?

Successful photography is meaningful. Family photos are personalized and hold an insurmountable amount of meaning to some, while it doesn’t have any meaning to other people. Kevin Carter won a Pulitzer prize for a photo of a starving girl in Africa because it held so much meaning. What I have always found more significant about this photo is the fact that he took the picture (after 20 minutes waiting for the vulture to get close enough, in some accounts he said he was waiting for the vulture to spread its wings) but he did not help the child. Yes, he scared the bird away, but what about the human life laying on the ground? The article goes into more depth about the situation that took place.

What experience do you have with photography; what skills do you hope to develop?

I really do not have any experience with photography. I do not use snap chat and always said to my mom that I would rather be experiencing life instead of trying to take a picture of it. I do have one photo which was poorly taken from my phone. I felt like it was significant because it was in a spot I walked by four times a week to work, but never saw a train on the tracks. Yes, it is kind of a stereotypical photo, but it has significance to me because it made this work day a little different from all the rest.



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