Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Zombies on Broadway Album Released


Half of you read the headline and are running to the record store to pick up your copy of the new album Zombies on Broadway released Friday,  Feb. 10. The other half think you do not know who this artist is. Rest assured you have listened to and like Andrew McMahon’s alternative style. Listen to Cecilia and the Satellite, High Dive, or Fire Escape one of his most recent singles. Still unsure if you know him? Listen to Something Wild, a song he created with Lindsey Sterling for Pete’s Dragon last summer.

Now that everyone is on the same page, I just have to say, wow! His new album is not just one or two hits that you listen to and a bunch of tracks you skip. This is a road trip album for college kids making one last leap before settling down for “the good life” that is alluded to in many of Andrew McMahones songs. While being slightly more “poppy” it does have a style that varies from one song to the next, making there no need for the skip button.


Brooklyn, You’re Killing Me is faster than anything I’ve heard from him before. So Close and Don’t Speak For Me (True) has more pop vibes. One of my favorites from the album is Dead Man’s Dollar. This song has his classic sound with the aspirations of “the good life” laced with sad tones. Shot Out of a Cannon and Walking in My Sleep has a High Dive vibe that is upbeat and would be amazing dancing to live.

The shining gem of this album is Birthday Song. A description would not do this song justice. It sounds like it has a strong connection to his personal life and if we’re lucky he will tell us in an interview soon. Be sure to listen to the song all the way to the. The outro leaves you with a wonderful feeling and a clear mind.

If you enjoyed this album listen to his older band called Jack’s Mannequin. While retaining extreme vocal talent and beautiful piano melodies Andrew McMahon is sure to impress.

-Wesley A. Gehman


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