What is Imagine Dragons Trying to Pull?

It has been an active week for music and Imagine Dragons chucked some stuffed mushrooms on the dinner table, but are tight lipped about what they used to stuff this delicacy with. The effort behind exposing this song to the public in an abstract and repetitive way is astounding.

First, Imagine Dragons released an official video for “Believer“. This video has a mellow electronic background sound as a group of images are created before our eyes. Social media ate this video up and pretty soon the code was cracked. The images spell out a message through code.

The code is presented through objects that contain the same color. The first consists of a yo-yo, octopus, and umbrella spelling out you. The second image has a Mouse, Astronaut, Dolphin, and Elephant spelling out made. In the third image, there is a moon, and envelope spelling me. Finally, the fourth image has the letter “A” connecting then to the fifth image which says, believer. You made me a believer. The actual song was later released.

The real “Believer” is an intense song with base drops, yelling, and some slightly fast paced singing. This is not unlike the band 21 Pilots. Actually, it has a lot of vibes relative to 21 Pilots, yet in Imagine Dragon’s style. It is interesting hearing a band that has a lot of upbeat and happy songs producing an angry song. Yes, Radioactive is a little angry, but not on this level. What is the purpose of this song? Is it ushering in a new album? I wish it was.

The new song is simply for a Super Bowl commercial. While Nintendo has never had a commercial for the Super Bowl, their new device “Nintendo Switch” they felt deserved the attention and some skilled musicians to contribute to the effect and impression. The commercial can be viewed here.

As much as I enjoy their singles and songs that go with commercials, movie soundtracks, and the Olympics, I hope Imagine Dragons get back in the game and create a full-length album soon.

-Wesley A. Gehman


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