It’s All About Timing

Ever notice when you ask someone a question, the answer is more dependent on when you ask it rather than their actual opinion? It’s all about timing, but how do you time something perfectly? By observing all of the seeable factors, and taking a chance, you won’t need Felix Felicis’s liquid luck to succeed.

This article is an example of timing. It is snowing outside, a large group of people are home from college, and everyone is stuck at home on their phone writing statuses about the snow. Then you scroll down and see my blog and think “Why not, I’m bored” and I sneakily get you to read and maybe possibly share this post. Why share it? It is slightly useful and perceptive.

So what factors should you observe to ask a question at the perfect time? Think of a conversation you need to have but are dreading. Got it? Okay, now apply these three factors to the question.

Environment: Make sure the question matches the location. If it is about work, ask them at work, if it is for someone to marry you, definitely take them to dinner and tell them they are pretty first. Think about the person and the question and the best location to ask them.

Literal Time: Want a boyfriend or girlfriend? Ask them on a date in the fall, there are romantic and fun things to do and it is starting to get cold out. Applying for a job? Don’t put too much effort in June, there are a few thousand college graduates applying as well. Hoping for a raise? Depending on how financially stable your company is, tax return season is much better than Christmas time when everyone is spending money. Think about this, is the person you are asking a morning person or a night owl? Ask them when they are happiest during the day.

Warm them up: Don’t ask them right away. Mention the subject matter vaguely a few weeks before asking them. If you walk up to your parents and say you want to get an apartment they will be skeptical and think this is a rash decision. If you mention thinking about it months prior, when you find a place, they will trust you’ve thought it through. Letting time pass also allows you to decide if the important

Letting time pass also allows you to decide if the important question is all that important. Good luck with that question!


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