The Lumineers: Woman in Yellow Theory 2


Yes, you read that title right, another theory! After having a team of people study the music videos, and listen to the Lumineers album over and over, I have a second theory (by “team” I mean my girlfriend and I driving and listening to the album and discussing possibilities).

You should definitely read the prior articles if you have not: The Lumineer’s Scar and The Lumineers: Woman in Yellow Theory

First, listen to the song Long Way From Home. This is a strong runner-up to My Eyes due to the lyrics in the song. These lyrics are the true inspiration behind this article. Although cheerless, the song and characters personify death on a hospital bed.

Since all of the other Lumineer’s music videos are oh so cheery, this song is a perfect ending. This song will be somber throughout, yet have a happy ending of death. Yes, happy. As the final lyrics state, “At last I was sure, that you weren’t far away from home”

So what is going to happen? The video will show Cleopatra going to see her long lost love. As she rides the taxi to the hospital she will see her past selves: Angela, the woman who sleeps on the floor, Cleopatra driving the Taxi, and The Lumineers (hopefully Wesley dancing in the rain at the end of Ophelia). This will give a nice clear wave to the other videos.

I am unsure whether she will see the man she loves after she dies, or if she will see him just before he dies. To make an appealing music video it would make more sense for her to see him before he dies. If she holds true to Cleopatra’s lyrics she will die alone.

I still believe the final scene will have a breath of air, the heart-wrenching sound that occurs when the body divides. In this moment she/he will disappear. The question is, will she disappear and finally see her love, or will her love disappear from the hospital bed.

-Wesley A. Gehman


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