The Lumineers: Woman in Yellow Theory


If you have been keeping up with the music videos released by The Lumineers you are bound to notice certain parallels. My previous article expands upon these parallels and can be read here: The Lumineer’s Scar

What I am going to attempt is a prediction. As established in the previous article, the woman in yellow is an elderly Cleopatra. What is her story going to be? What song will go with her video? How does the story end? Lumineers fans are biting their nails as they impatiently wait and spam the comment sections of the videos.

The final video the Lumineers will make in this series will utilize the song My Eyes, and I am expecting all of our eyes to be flooding by the end. Since the woman in yellow is in a taxi cab that means she is going somewhere. She has not appeared in any of the other videos, so that essentially narrows down nothing at all. But, The Lumineers as a band can be seen later in the video. It is safe to assume they are in the same town.

Where is she going? To a Lumineers concert of course. It is completely plausible since they met Cleopatra in real life. To truly wrap all of the songs together it would make sense for the show to be the same concert where Wesley separates from himself. This can be seen in the Ophelia music video.

At this show she will be wandering around until she sees an older man with reddish glasses (this was a strong visual feature in the video for Sleep on the Floor). This is her long lost love that she never ran away with. As the song progresses they will dance. As the song ends we will hear that breath of air, the heart wrenching sound that occurs every time a body divides.

Instead of a body dividing, he will disappear. She will either walk away alone or disappear as well. This is the heartbreak I believe we have to look forward to.

-Wesley A. Gehman


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