The Lumineer’s Scar

The Lumineers have dropped a bombshell within the music video world. Their video series started out harmlessly enough with vague story lines revolving around decisions, yet resulting in your heart being torn with emotion at the end. These music videos are not random stories, they are all about Cleopatra. Side Note: Ophelia is more about the band than Cleopatra.

I need to forewarn Lumineers fans, this blog post contains potential spoilers to future music videos. This is assuming I am correct.

Before getting to the connections that expose the hidden truth, some background is needed. Wesley (I know! He has my name, or do I have his name since he’s older?) from the Lumineers stated that the album’s inspiration is derived from a woman, Cleopatra. No, not the Egyptian. This woman had been proposed to on the day her father died and she said no. She never saw the man again, and can’t help but wonder what could have been. This left a scar.

Angela, Cleopatra, and the girl who sleeps on the floor all have a scar on their left cheek. This scar appears the moment that the girl’s body separates. These blurred bodily divisions are crossroads in life, moments where a decision must be made. No, not a decision but a longing wish, and the wonder of what could be. In every video the story line returns to the original, except for Angela. Her story shows Cleopatra leaving her husband. We can see Cleopatra’s body separate in a longing wish to go into her ex-husband’s home. The same home we see Angela leave in her video.

Back to the scar. This is the most important piece of the puzzle. Although the girl and Angela both share a wave tattoo, and they are all in the same time frame (time isn’t relevant to the music video) the scar shows us what the next video will be about. The music video Cleopatra is the key. It picks up just as Angela’s ends.

Angela is the first passenger in Cleopatra’s taxi. Then the couple from sleep on the floor, along with various others. There is an old woman in yellow. She has a scar on her left cheek. She is also Cleopatra. My theory is the next video from the Lumineers will be about this woman. If it isn’t about her, it is about the mother and daughter passengers (the daughter being Cleopatra as a child).

The Lumineers are simply amazing. Stay posted for more information on this series.

-Wesley A. Gehman

To see all of the music videos access the links below:

Sleep on the Floor





10 thoughts on “The Lumineer’s Scar

  1. Ahh! I never thought of that! They look extremely similar. I am loving what the lumineers are doing, it makes being a fan even more fun.

    Definitely stay in contact I’ll be writing more articles about them.



    1. They have been dropping vague comments, and they have spoken about the real life cleopatra who inspired the song. Just the other day they confirmed my theory on Facebook. They posted an image of Cleopatra, Angela, the woman who sleeps on the floor, the little kid that was in the taxi, and the woman in yellow. They then asked “which version of cleopatra is your favorite so far.” I’ve been following it closely and that is all I’ve seen since sleep on the floor came out.


      1. This storytelling is so fascinating, amazing combination of music, acting and lyrics. So, the little girl from “Sttuborn Love” is for sure another version of Cleopatra?


      2. I’m not sure, I know the little girl in the back of the taxi in the music video “cleopatra” is her, but it’s up to them if they want her to be the girl from stubborn love. I’m not sure how they would prove m/show it though.


  2. Could it be possible that the “yellow” in the girl in yellow actually be referring to a taxi? From what I’ve noticed from the videos, they’ve all been focused around a taxi and I believe that Wesley met the real-life version of Cleopatra in a taxi, so I think that may be what they’re trying to convey.


    1. That may be! I like that perspective, I am getting impatient for the next music video though. They may have seen my blog post and been like we can’t do anything that this guy says just to make him wrong =P


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