There is Hope


As you listen to the radio on your daily commute, or peruse the newspaper, or watch the television like over half of The United States (Pew), there is a sinking feeling in your gut. A slight wetness fills your eyes, and your arms are drained, or like most of us, you have become numb to the surrounding death. We turn to our leaders to place blame. It is an understandable reaction. Playing a sport in high school, everyone looked to the captain for guidance when all seemed lost. When the weight of the world is on someone’s shoulders, and depression consumes, a friend can lead them back to hope.

The outlook is bleak, and our leaders don’t seem to hear the public’s cry. There is still hope. There is hope in a child learning to walk, or two friends talking to each other, not paying mind to their phone. There is hope when a person gives their time to another without expecting something in return. There is hope in the simplest of smiles. If we stopped returning hate with hate, if we placed confidence in what people said, while ourselves being honest, there will be hope.

There is hope in you.

Give others grace and mercy, because you yourself have received them from your friends, and from God, James 2: 12-13. Mercy is undeserved forgiveness. Everyone has fallen short of perfection, if you hold every person accountable for their failure, should we not hold against you your failures? That is how the world functions at the moment, but it is time for that to change.

Everyone is a leader of their own life, but we can take up the burden of leading others. Become the hope that you seek daily. You will fulfill your own desire for improvement, while leading others to improve themselves.

-Wesley A. Gehman


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