Albright: Pick Up Your Pride

Albright College has been trampled, drug through the mud, and tarnished throughout social media and the news. It is a shame that the actions of two students has hurdled a prestigious college to its knees. Albright students, take pride in your college, you are better than this. The outrage that you feel towards the students should be in no way directed to Albright. Our student population is highly diverse, so diverse in fact, people present for the recording of the viral Snapchat were not Caucasian.

Let’s not dwell on their failure, let’s move forward. Progress is hindered through hate. Albright College consists of culturally diverse and motivated students. They want nothing more than to take on the world and improve it. Do not let the failure of a few become your failure. Take pride in your college, and how they are handling the present situation. Let the media know you are not mere pawns to be manipulated and made an example of. Wash off the mud and pick up your pride. Lionpride.


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