“Nobody Knows” The Lumineers


The Lumineers are making 2016 their year. Starting out with the single release of “Ophelia”, which led up to their second album release on April 8th. Cleopatra was an instant success that kicked off their tour. I can attest that fame has not corrupted the simple beauty of The Lumineers.

Having seen them perform in 2013 with their self titled album tour, I was blown away by their presentation. There was such validity to their words and emotion in their songs. You could see they were performing for the love of music and the love of their fans. I can say they have kept to their code, having seen them for a second time this past June. In a world of plastic faces and showy actors, The Lumineers display their wrinkles and scars with pride. In the end sharing the experience with their audience.

I can now announce (with hands flailing in the air with excitement), The Lumineers gave us another gift this year. Today, Aug. 11th, the Lumineers uploaded “Nobody Knows” to their YouTube channel. This song will be featured in Pete’s Dragon, the new Disney film that hits theaters tonight. This melodic song reaches back to their roots, while at the same time appearing to define them as a band. The finger picking of the guitar, the ease of the piano and the hum of the cello leave the listener with a calm peace of mind.

Truly, “Nobody Knows” the Lumineers future path. After their long awaited return to music, they appear to be staying. Fans of the band be warned, enjoy their presence while it lasts. They will always produce music, but their simple nature and humble performance makes them return home to keep from losing themselves to the fame.

Give the new song a listen here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q5Zn_ZkehM

-Wesley A. Gehman

As always I do not own the image, visual, or audio. They all fall under free use according to creativecommons.org.


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