Batman vs. Superman (No Spoilers)


First and most importantly, the critics got it wrong. Also, I will avoid major spoilers but certain things may slip, so if you see anything italicized just brush over that section. And yes, there is a story to spoil, the commercials barely scratched the surface of the amazing depth behind Batman vs. Superman. DC comics received a lot of negative speculation on their explosive commercial spoilers, but I am here to assure you Batman vs. Superman is worthy of watching, rewatching, and purchasing. Yes, add it to the collection, put it beside The Princess Bride and the extended edition of the original Lord of the Rings. Your future date will forget all about Netflix.

Referring to my previous article on Marvel vs. DC, DC comics is a character building enterprise that wants its readers and viewers to question philosophical ideologies. That is why they were able to show so many character and core plot spoilers, because what matters is how the characters grow and develop their own philosophy.

Batman vs. Superman does this beautifully in spades. The film begins with a strong artistic appeal yet little explanation. As the scenes develop the pace slowly picks up until walls start crashing in waves, and you are holding onto your seat for dear life because of the information rush and action packed scenes.

As a fan of the DC multiverse I applaud the creators who made a melting pot of universes and used the prime cuts from each, while adding their own salt and pepper. This is wonderful for me, but not to others. If you don’t know the universe, certain parts may be more difficult to understand. I went with a marvel fan and we discussed the movie afterwards. He gave it two thumbs up and loved it, but agreed certain things were slightly unclear (shout out to Jeremy Caruso). 

If you do know the universe, you may be upset with certain items added. To you I say get over yourself. To watch a completely replicated story line would be boring. Each creator of the Batman storyline brings their own mark of creativity to the Batman. If you do not like the fact that he killed or used guns, sorry but it wasn’t your call. The Christian Bale Dark Knight is dead, the age of Ben Affleck has arrived.

When I heard Ben Affleck was next Batman in the long line of actors I reacted rashly. I said that this movie would be awful and that Affleck is awful. He did the work and put the time in, as the film displays. He is an extremely convincing Batman who performs a drunken Bruce Wayne. This Batman is different, he has yet to develop his “antiquated sense of morality” that angers Jason Todd so much. Or because of Jason he lost it.

Superman does his role well by displaying how torn he is emotionally. I was not a fan of the first Superman, which may not have been entirely his fault. My date was awful then, so my mood was quite foul throughout the film. In this he reaches new levels as a character, and this is needed for the film. 

Wonder Woman is introduced in a way that displays how much depth is behind her character, but they keep her core story a mystery. Her movie is going to be a must see. 

Lex Luthor makes you hate him. He is not the Lex I am used to but I believe he is going to develop into him. At this moment he is a kid graduating into his philosophical lunacy. The next time we see Lex he will be an entirely new monster, with a fully developed mission. He had a decently developed mission in this film, but it lacked the perfect moment of checkmate. There were multiple “checks” and some extremely close calls, but never an unavoidable checkmate that led to social barriers being torn down.

So now, I must urge you to go see it! And once you do, comment on my blog (with spoilers) that will be posted later today. I give the film ⅘ stars and a round of applause. I’m going to see it again within the week I’m sure.

As always on the nerd corner, Nightwing out.

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