The Lumineers Released the Single Cleopatra Today


As many music fans know The Lumineers are back after investing personal time into their upcoming CD for nearly three years. It was time well invested. Releasing the song Ophelia two months ago flooded my ears with the emotions of the WXPN concert on that hot July night in 2013. Now they have released their album titled song Cleopatra. It truly invigorates me as I type these words wanting everyone to hear, no, to feel this new beauty of a song.

Cleopatra holds on to the core of The Lumineers style. There are the poetic lyrics that we all know well, the tambourine that makes us want to start dancing, the fast paced piano, and the electric guitar. Wait. Electric guitar? Yes, The Lumineers went a little electric with this song. The increased pace overtime reminds me of the live versions of Slow it Down from their self titled album.

This may have some Lumineer fans worried that the band is going to make a Mumford and Sons style decision and uproot their past. The way this song plays out eases that fear. I believe they have added spice to their soup that has perfected the recipe. Ophelia is similar to their core style with a bold piano feel, while being more difficult vocally. Trying to cover Ophelia on guitar, I am able play the chord progression without difficulty, but despite sharing the same name with The Lumineer’s lead vocalist my ability is not up to par with Wesley’s.

This song is just a hint of what is to come on April eighth when the album Cleopatra will be available to listen to in full.

Listen to the new song at:

Stay tuned for more new music releases.

-Wesley A. Gehman
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